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Renowned experts in Laser Eye Surgery, Kirkwood Fyfe's expert team of surgeons are hand-picked for their commitment to excellent clinical care and customer service.

The type of laser eye surgery best suited to each patient can vary according to corneal thickness and shape, but in general the most popular laser eye procedure is LASIK (using a corneal flap), followed by PRK or LASEK (surface treatments).

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Transform your vision with fast and precise laser eye surgery expertly delivered by our experienced surgeons.

  • Safety of laser eye surgeryRead More

    Several controlled clinical trials have been conducted to evaluate the safety of laser eye surgery. Following these studies, laser eye surgery systems were approved by the FDA as safe for the correction of various vision problems. There are, as with any surgical procedure, certain safety issues and risks that anyone contemplating laser eye surgery should be aware of. These are made clear in our consent form.

  • Am I a good candidate for laser eye surgery?Read More

    As qualified eye care practitioners we can confirm, based on a comprehensive pre-operative examination, if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery.

  • Will laser eye surgery hurt?Read More

    Most people feel nothing more than mild discomfort during or after the procedure and no real pain. Because your eyes are “numbed” with eye drops before the procedure, you should not feel pain throughout the laser eye surgery procedure. The application of the actual laser beam should also be painless. There are no stitches involved.

  • Could I get an infection from laser eye surgery?Read More

    This is extremely rare, but as with any surgical procedure, there can always be a risk of infection. However, the laser beam itself cannot transmit infectious matter. After the procedure, you will be provided with prescription eye drops to guard against any post procedure infection. If you use these drops as directed, the risk of infection is extremely rare.

  • When can I return to work?Read More

    Most lasik procedures have very little downtime, meaning you can function normally the next day, however, having a surface treatment can extend the healing to a few days.

  • Will I have to limit my activities after laser eye surgery?Read More

    You will probably need to limit only the most strenuous activities, and probably just for the first few weeks following the procedure. (Remember you should not drive a car immediately after the procedure). You should not engage in activities such as contact sports or swimming, where you could injure your eyes as they heal.

  • What kind of vision can I expect after laser eye surgery?Read More

    In the first few days after surgery, your vision may actually be a bit more blurry than usual, and you may be sensitive to bright light. This is because the cornea is still healing after the laser eye surgery. As the cornea heals, the blurring and high sensitivity to light should diminish. Post laser eye surgery eyes are often dry, but drops will help this condition until they return to normal. As for your actual post-laser eye surgery vision, it will be tested, usually the next day or within a few days of the laser eye surgery. Your vision may continue to improve over the first few weeks.

  • Is laser eye surgery permanent?Read More

    Laser eye surgery vision correction is a permanent procedure. Although a small percentage of patients still may require low prescription glasses for certain activities, the vast majority of patients are able to stop wearing contact lenses or glasses altogether except for problems such as presbyopia, a visual condition occurring with age, which laser eye surgery does not address.

    When a surgeon believes that further improvement of a patient’s vision could be achieved, he/she may advise an enhancement. This is not common, but means that the required standard of vision should still be reached.

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