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Established in 1951, Kirkwood Fyfe has more than 70 years of specialist eye care expertise to offer, providing its patients with a personal and advanced optometry service.

It is essential that you get your eyes tested on a regular basis to ensure the health of your eyes.

At Kirkwood Fyfe Opticians our commitment to our patients and our exceptional experience sets us apart from the rest.

  • Eye ExaminationsRead More

    Our comprehensive eye exam takes approximately 45 minutes.


    Whereas the previous viewing field was 45 degrees, Optos provides high quality imagery up to 210 degrees eg. the whole eye.

    OCT Retinal Laser Scan

    The back of your eye (the retina) is scanned by laser and any abnormalities are digitally enhanced for further examination. Changes in appearance of the optic nerve, blood vessels, lesions or tumours are identifiable from these scans and can be monitored for any further changes. Retinal imaging is invaluable in the early detection of conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, hypertension retinopathy and optic neuritis.

    Future glaucoma analysis by measuring retinal nerve fibre thickness and optic disc parameters will expand our knowledge of whether you may be likely to be, or become a glaucoma suspect.

    Pentacam Scan

    Corneal and Lenticular abnormalities, such as cataract, can be more fully investigated and quantified using our pentacam. We can also pick up on and analyse corneal abnormalities, such as keratoconus, which can be treated at Kirkwood Fyfe.

  • Contact LensesRead More

    Soft Disposable Contact Lenses

    Frequent replacement of contact lenses reduces the risk of eye infections. Soft disposable contact lenses are easy to use and comfortable even for the first time wearer.

    Daily Disposable

    A fresh pair of contact lenses each day, put in a new pair in in the morning then throw them away at night. This eliminates the need to clean your lenses. Even if you have an astigmatism you can still enjoy the benefits of daily disposables. This lens type is also recommended for allergy and hayfever sufferers, as the frequent disposal prevents allergen build up.

    Extended Wear

    Extended wear lenses can be worn for up to 30 days and nights continuously. Advanced silicon hydrogel materials allow the wearer to safely sleep in their contact lenses.

    Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

    Dry eye was traditionally the most common reason for contact lens non-tolerance. However, recent developments in contact lens coating materials reduce disruption of the tear film thus alleviating dry eye symptoms.

    Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

    Hard lenses are no longer the optician's lens of choice when fitting patients with astigmatism. Soft Toric contact lenses are suitable even for those with a high degree of astigmatism.

    Multifocal Contact Lenses

    This type of lens meets the visual demands of a varifocal or bifocal wearer, providing clear vision at all distances.

    If you have never worn contact lenses before but would like to try them, you will need to book in to see the optometrist. The optometrist will make a full examination of your eyes, ensuring that you are a suitable candidate for contact lenses. If suitable the optometrist will select the best type of contact lenses for your individual needs. You will also be shown how to successfully insert and remove them. At Kirkwood Fyfe we have extensive experience of fitting all types of contact lenses even for those of you with astigmatism.

    You will get the chance to try them first, with a follow up appointment being made to ensure that the lenses are performing as they should, and that your eyes are responding well to them. When playing sport, contact lenses avoid all the unnecessary hassles you may have experienced with glasses.

  • Spectacle LensesRead More

    Here are some examples of what we might suggest

    For someone with a high prescription or someone who finds the weight or appearance of their spectacle lenses a problem

    A high index lens in plastic will be lighter, so more comfortable, thinner and more appealing. The higher the refractive index of the lens, the more dense the lens material, and consequently the thinner the lens. Aspheric lens designs can also be used to improve lens cosmesis.

    For those who'd like the convenience of combining their sunglasses and spectacles into one

    Photochromic lenses are lenses that darken on exposure to UV radiation. Photochromic lenses block out 100% of the most harmful rays of the sun, 100% of the time, adapting to changes in light and darkening in seconds.

    To reduce reflection on your lenses

    An anti-reflective coating is advised as this makes you look more appealing to anyone who may be communicating with you. They will see your eyes and not the reflection of whatever is in front of you. This coating (or lack of it) is highly noticeable on people who are talking on TV. Lenses treated with an anti-relection coating also produce less glare, which is often problematic when driving at night or working in front of a computer monitor. The decreased glare means that wearers often find their eyes are less tired, particularly at the end of the day. Anti-reflection coatings are particularly suited to high-index lenses.

    To prolongue the life of your lenses

    To prolongue the life of your lenses, a scratch-resistant hard coating will protect against day-to-day wear and tear. Protecting the lens surface will maintain clearer vision by preserving the optical qualities of the lens.

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